Industry-oriented advice for IT, web shops and international trade

Since 10 years we are Specialist Advisers:

We are specialized as e-commerce accountants and have all the knowledge in house to inform you about the possibilities within IT companies and find the accompanying dynamics inspiring.

We offer added value through our extensive experience with payment systems, webshop connections, financial administration and our knowledge of cross-border transactions .

Our office has an ideal combination of experienced accountants and young professionals. This composition creates a dynamic environment where the customer feels at home.

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The world of payment systems
and international trade

All developments in IT are moving fast, including payments.

Where web shops were still in their infancy 10 years ago, they now operate at a high level. Often with full links between the webshop, the stock system, the payment system and the accounting.

In addition, we see at many IT companies that the sales market often extends far beyond national borders. As a result, you as a company automatically come into contact with the laws and regulations of the relevant countries. Think, for example, of import and export obligations, VAT regulations and the rules regarding intra-Community supplies.

Wigepa has a lot of experience in the field of cross-border transactions.  We are happy to use this knowledge to help our customers. By arranging everything properly in advance, many problems can be avoided at a later stage.

Financial Freedom Investment

Advisory services we offer to E-Commerce owners include:

  • Complete financial administration
  • Payroll administration
  • Foreign VAT returns
  • Links between webshop and administration
  • Knowledge of payment systems.
  • Knowledge of webshop connections CMS, API, Cross web
  • Bank links
  • Mini One stop shop scheme, or the MOSS scheme

And much more!

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